Welcome to Camp Wyndego!

All of your campfire fears and bunk-bed nightmares are waiting for you! Do you dare walk through our twisting labyrinth of dilapidated cabins infested with witches, zombies, crazed killers, and irresponsible camp counsellors? Only those with true camp spirit can survive these creatures of night and escape… that is, if you’re not found by the giant Wyndego.

Our Haunted Forest now has a new feature!

Guests can now spend their visit at the maze enjoying all of our activities instead of waiting in a long line. Upon arrival, simply scan the QR code located at the Admissions booth and the Haunted Forest entrance or enter https://bufordcornmaze.hauntqueue.com/ to reserve your spot in line. Guests will receive an SMS message on their phone when their group is next in line. Be sure to enter the Blue line marked RESERVED and show your message to our Haunted Forest Admissions person to enter.